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Antelope Canyon Series



Alex Medina is a worldwide published photographer based in Los Angeles, CA and Scottsdale, AZ.

While he has his hands in many different facets of photography, his calling to the craft lies in his land and cityscape images. Growing up with roots in Orange County, it was while living in Downtown Los Angeles that he quickly found his passion in documenting the true grit of the city. When he’s not traveling in search of the next great landscape, you’ll find him drawing inspiration from music, the nature around him, and the people inhabited. He also enjoys filming aerial content combined with emotion evoking music creating an experience for his viewers on social media.

Alex believes in finding the beauty in every place and bringing it into his work. The pride he holds in his high quality prints is a look into his dedication to the art of photography. He believes photography is the dialogue between light and shadow and finding the perfect exposure for each image. The art of photography has changed the way Alex looks at life and he's made it his goal to bring forth emotion to his viewers.